"Anticipation"  Sketching in Steel   9' x 5' 6"

On Permanent Loan to the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

“Anticipation” was created in a style of art I call, “Sketching in Steel.”

Though the figures are recognizable, the silhouette of the mother with daughter in tow, Lightship Baskets draped on their arms, has been simplified and abstracted. The mother is looking out to sea. She is searching for her husband hoping he will soon return. In this Steel Sketch her face is absent, representing the loneliness she feels waiting for her true love to return.

The girl, more interested in the here and now, has been distracted by the appearance of the cat. To pet the cat, she has turned away from her mother and is pulling in the opposite direction as far as she can.   With this action she has set both her mother’s and her Lightship Basket swinging.

Sketching in Steel requires that each and every line angle and shape be carefully analyzed. The gesture, in this case the mother looking out to sea and the daughter reaching for the cat, is the most important consideration. Then, the image is abstracted and edges are defined. Deciding what to leave out is as important as deciding what to put in. Much of the creative process lies in this discernment - where to put a straight line and where to put a curve – because one plays off the other to create a harmonious whole.

“Anticipation” is made of 1/4“ and 1/8” and 16 gauge steel.  It weighs approximately 450 lbs.